Name: Eduvital Foundation
Legal form: charitable foundation
Representative:   Dr. András Falus
Address: 1089 Budapest, Nagyvárad tér 4. VI/606.
Tax No.: 18732168-1-42
Email: alapitvany@eduvital.hu
UniCredit Bank Hungary Zrt.



In our opinion, health awareness is highly dependent on the wide availability of modern biomedical and psychosocial knowledge, as well as on the personal motivation of the members of society.


In order to facilitate this, our Foundation aims at:

  • increasing the prevention and health education role of those working in primary care, transforming the health care of the family doctor, school and work environment with a prevention approach.

  • in order to shape the future pattern of healthy living and the sustainability of the achieved results, the development of proactive interaction between the future generation, children and young people, and professionals.

  • through a varied, modern communication system, scientifically based educational modules provided in the framework of health education should be accessible and learnable for minority, disadvantaged social and ethnic groups and high-risk persons.

  • provide complex, comprehensive and responsible information that can be used well in practical work and counseling, including the basic knowledge of modern heredity biology, environmental awareness, nutrition, movement culture and addictions, including school health, mental hygiene, psychosomatic diseases, healthy aging , from the main issues of family and bioethics.

  • dissemination of science-based basic biomedical and psychosocial knowledge; creation and wide distribution of printed and electronic educational materials. Based on this dissemination, we want to initiate a public professional, interdisciplinary dialogue about the dilemmas related to the development and activities of medical and psychosocial science, and about professional initiatives that want to renew traditional medicine.

  • primarily those committed opinion-makers able to influence the widest part of society who, in the course of their daily activities, such as teachers, health professionals (e.g. family doctors, nurses, etc.), pastors, journalists, opinion-forming public figures, civil (minority and patient) provide usable, up-to-date and practical knowledge for representatives of organizations.