The present state of health of the Hungarian society and its long-term prospects assign indispensable tasks to every responsible person. Therefore, as doctors, biologists, psychologists, sociologists, bioethicists and health policy experts, we have launched the EDUVITAL NET Non-profit Society for Health Education (EDUVITAL NET).

We believe that health awareness largely depends on the widespread availability of modern biomedical and psychosocial knowledge, as well as on the personal motivation of each member of the society. It is our mission and responsibility to enhance the preventive and health educational significance of those involved in primary care, and to introduce a preventive approach in occupational and environmental health care.

Although proactive interaction between the expert and the individual is essential in every age-group, children and the young generation deserve special attention, with respect to shaping the future pattern of healthy lifestyle and the sustainability of the achievements.

Through the diverse, modern communication system of the goals and their execution, the EDUVITAL NET is also committed to making the science-based health education training modules accessible and easily attainable for minority, underprivileged social and ethnic groups and high-risk individuals.

We intend to provide complex, comprehensive and reliable information on modern basic genetics, environmental awareness, nutrition, culture of movement, including the most important questions of school health, mental health, psychosomatic disorders, healthy aging, family and bioethics.

The activity of the EDUVITAL NET extends to the implementation and dissemination of science-based educational materials on biomedical and psychosocial knowledge, in written form and through the internet (e.g. Facebook, websites). Based on this dissemination, we intend to initiate professional, interdisciplinary open discussions on issues related to the development of medicine and psychosocial science, as well as on professional initiatives wishing to renew traditional medicine.

The health education programme is primarily recommended for dedicated opinion-formers who can influence the largest part of the society in their everyday practice, such as teachers, health care professionals (e.g. family doctors, health visitors etc.), journalists, opinion-former public persons, representatives of non-governmental (minority and patient) organizations, to whom we can offer modern, useful and practical knowledge.

EDUVITAL NET has been founded and will operate with a university foundation in its background, and with the help of the network and infrastructure of the Society for the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge of Hungary.


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