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Eötvös Loránd University, biologist, 1965-1970.
Department of Comparative Physiology, Eötvös University (1970-75), assistant professor
National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy (1975-1994), section leader of molecular biology
Semmelweis University (1994 -). Chairman and Professor, Department of Genetics, Cell- and Immunobiology
PhD: Biological Sciences (1983) summa cum laude
Doctor of Sciences (1990).
Habilitation at Semmelweis University, med.habil., 1994
Member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences from 2001
Foreign studies:
Denmark, Odense University (1980-81).
USA, Boston, Harvard Medical School (1984-86).
Japan, Osaka University (1989)
Switzerland, Bern, Insespital (1991).
Research interest and scientometria:
Immunology, genetics, epigenetics, immunogenomics, bioinformatics, gene networks, bioethics, ethics and science, relationship between faith and science.
More than 380 scientific publications, ~ 4100 citations, cumulative impact factor ~ 820, H index: 33
Four books in English (Springer, Karger, John Wiley & Sons publishers and Landes), three Hungarian-language books and six textbooks. Twenty-nine chapters.
National and international scientific activity:
Previously, chairman of the Hungarian Society of Immunology of the Immunology Committee at HAS.
Organizer of Semmelweis University Genomics Network since 2001. Chairman of the first World Congress of Immunogenomics (2004) and of the First International Conference of Immunoinformatics (Immunomics) (2006). Founding member of the International Society for Immunomics. Board Member of the Hungarian Society for Immunology, Member of Societies of Genetics, Human Genetics, Biochemical Societies and the British Society of Immunology, and of the European Histamine Research Society.
Active member of the editorial boards of six international scientific journals. Regular reviewer of the European Research Proposals (FP4, FP5, FP6, FP7) and the European Research Council.
Educational activities:
Professor of Immunology, genomics and genetics at the Semmelweis University. Teaches molecular immunology, and computational biology and medicine ar Pazmany Peter Catholic University Faculty of Information Technology. So far, thirty-six students wrote and defended her/his PhD thesis under his guidance.
Education policy:
Deputy chairman of Society for the Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge, member of National Public Education Council. Curator of the National Cultural Fund. Member of National Roma education program.
Founder, organizer and editor of "biological background material". Founder and organizer of the domestic and European EDUVITAL Health Education Program..
Social Policy:
Member of the "Bare Foot" Nyilas Misi foundations. He regularly holds seminars on "the relationship between faith and science" in churches and different religious organizations for youth and adults.
Awards, prizes
Széchenyi Prize (2006), János Neumann Award (2006), JB West Award (2007), Semmelweis award (2008), Lorand Kesztyüs Medal (2008). "The Scientist of the Year" Award winner (2000), , the first elected member working in Hungary.of Henry G. Kunkel Society (Rockefeller University, New York).